About Us

Welcome to Shop with Me by Temple of the Wind Dragons. A blog that shares its shopping experience with you, giving you the opportunity to feel what we write on a personal level. We love shopping, and we know that you love it too, so what is a better way of sharing what we experienced with one another than by creating this blog.shopping-1329756__180

The blog would give you updates on shopping news, what has been the latest trends, and what would be the most efficient way of shopping. We also review our latest purchases to give you more insights on the products and guide you before you purchase the same thing. Aside from that, expect that there are advices and tips on how to save
up while shopping, because shopping doesn’t need to be expensive and costly in order to be fun.

Visit us daily for more news, updates, insights and advices. Feel free to contact us for inquiries and suggestions on how we can improve.